How to Get Rid of a Migraine Fast at Home

If you are wondering how to get rid of a migraine fast at home, the information below may help shed some light and bring forward relevant information. For those who are not sure of what a migraine is exactly, it is a very strong headache that can cause blurry vision and nausea. Normally, migraines are felt unevenly on your head and can be quite debilitating. You may be extremely sensitive to noises and light and be unable to focus on mundane tasks.

Before you even try to get rid of a migraine fast at home, you need to understand what originates these intense forms of headaches so you do not even get to the stage of curing the migraine, but rather spend your time in preventing it. Whereas your migraines may be originated by genetic causes, there are also many environmental factors that may cause or aggravate the condition. For example, food and food additives can be at the root of migraines. Some popular sugar alternatives as well as cheeses and processed foods may become culprits. Eating habits may also contribute as skipping meals can also cause severe migraine headaches. Those who suffer for migraines also identify alcohol (especially wine) and caffeinated beverages as being partly to blame in the development of migraines.

As with many other conditions stress, as well as sensory situations that wear upon your body, can also cause severe headaches, as will changes in your sleeping pattern or the environment. Changes in barometric pressure as well as extreme or intense physical activity (even if it is for fun) may stress the body enough to cause a migraine. Contraceptives and other types of medicine may also be your enemy in controlling this ailment.

Understanding what triggers your migraines will help you understand how to get rid of a migraine fast at home. If you feel your migraine is being brought on from a lack of sleep, or unusual eating habits you may want to get back into your regular sleep and nutrition cycle as soon as you feel the beginnings of the headache. Recognizing the warning signs of your migraine is probably your best ally in not losing complete control over its impact on your life. If you feel a splitting headache inching its way into your day, you may want to control your stress level as soon as possible, as this is one of the most common triggers. Take a few minutes to clear your mind and body. Make a concrete effort to breathe from your diaphragm for at least five minutes in order to bring your stress level down. You may also want to immediate ingest medication your doctor may have prescribed for migraines. Do not wait until it is in full-effect before taking it; just take it while the headache is still coming on. Some over the counter medications can also be very effective at this stage of your migraine, and taking it as soon as possible can be very helpful.

Another option to getting rid of migraine fast at home is to apply a cold compress to your forehead. The cold sensation on your head allows you to relax a bit and can even suppress the migraine altogether. If you combine it with a few minutes of relaxation and deep breathing, your body will react even better. You may also want to have a little bit of caffeine when you feel a migraine coming on. Even though this recommendation may appear counterintuitive, having a little caffeine will help your body be more receptive and absorbent of any over-the-counter medications you may take. Remember though, to make sure caffeine is not one of your migraine triggers. If it is, try to stay away from this tip.

Another great way of curing your migraine fast at home is to rest. Make your room quiet and dark and give your body an opportunity to restore itself and lower its stress levels. A few minutes of quiet and solitude can go a long way towards curing your migraine fast and at home.

Some migraine sufferers have also resorted for herbal medicine to curb their headaches. There are many different herbs that help counteract the causes and symptoms of migraines. For example, a calming infusion may reduce your stress, thus alleviating your migraine. If you feel your splitting headache is being caused by dietary issues, you may want to explore herbs that calm upset stomachs or encourage the absorption of specific nutrients.

Advocates of home solutions for migraine headaches also tout the power of water. By staying hydrated you can easily help your body stay on balance and avoid getting headaches. You may also accompany increased water consumption with omega 3 supplements, magnesium supplements and increased ginger in your diet. All three components have been recognized as being efficient in preventing migraine attacks. If you are already at the full migraine stage, you may want to massage your head in addition to resting and applying cold compresses to your forehead and neck; this may very well be the key to curing your migraine fast at home.

Without a doubt, finding a way to cure migraines fast at home is very important. Most of us do not have a day or two to be overcome by a splitting headache that makes our lives miserable and hard to manage. By taking preventive measures and understanding what triggers migraines in your body you can win half the battle. But if you already have a migraine or can feel the onset of one, you may want to explore some of the options above. They are all fairly easy to apply and do not require the hassle or financial impact of visiting a doctor or emergency department to receive prescription migraine medicine. If you are able to cure your migraine fast at home, you will be able to cope better with your condition and understand your body better. Both of these will help you prevent the migraine headache from totally taking over your life.