How to get rid of Migraines fast without Medicine

One in every 4 American homes are affected by migraine pain. Although, there are prescription as well as over the counter medications, many people do not want to depend on medications to get rid of migraines fast without medicine. When trying to treat migraine pain, time is of the essence. Start to act as soon as you feel the symptoms how to get rid of migraines fast without medicine.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.

Drink plenty of water. Dehydration can contribute to a headache. At times, in addition to headache pain, people experiencing migraines will also experience nausea and vomiting. This of course, contributes to dehydration causing a vicious cycle. As soon as you feel the headache coming on, drink a large glass of water and try to continue to sip water throughout the day. This in and of itself helps some sufferers get rid of migraines fast without medicine.

Get Some Caffeine into your system.

Caffeine can not cause migraine headaches but they can also help to cure them as well. This is called a paradoxical effect. In the case of caffeine, it is the addiction to the chemical and then the absence of it that causes the headache pain. It is then common sense to add it back into your body to help to calm the withdrawal headache pain. A good strong cup of hot coffee seems to do the trick for many sufferers. One caution however, whether using coffee or sodas – try to avoid artificial sweeteners as these may actually contribute to headache pain. Some sufferers also find that a hot drink helps the pain symptoms subside. Of course, if you find that caffeine actually helps your headache pain, you should look at your overall caffeine consumption and consider cutting caffeine out of your diet in order to prevent future migraine episodes.

Try to relax.

This is simple step in get rid of migraines fast without medicine but one of the most important and hard to perform. Many migraine sufferers know the pre-cursor symptoms of a headache and become anxious and stressed with the thought of the impending pain. This is very understandable but can actually make the headache much worse. Try to relax. Find a quiet, cool and dark place and simply relax. Stop what you are doing and take a few important minutes for yourself. Focus on your slow and deep breathing. Use an eye mask if needed for total darkness – some sufferers find that the gentle pressure on their eye lids from a mask actually helps the pain. For some relaxing in a hot bath or shower is helpful. If you can lie down and sleep that can also be beneficial. Many migraine sufferers awaken without symptoms or pain.

Consider a warm or cold compress.

Every migraine headache is different, just as every migraine sufferer is different. What works well for one person may make the next persons headache much worse. Some people swear by cold compresses while other can only use warm compresses. An easy and quick cold compress can be made with just a wash cloth run under cold tap water. If you find this technique helpful then putting a few wet clothes in a resealable plastic bag and putting them into a freezer makes for an easy treatment option for future use.

You can make a hot compress by heating a wet cloth in the microwave for just a minute or so. Make sure that you check the temperature of the entire cloth however, as the microwave has a tendancy to unevenly heat the cloth and can cause very hot areas on larger clothes. A heated “rice” bag can also be helpful. You can find these at craft fairs, online or make your own. Simply take a soft cloth and sew it into a small pillow case shape. Fill with rice, sand or even flax seed – some add lavender for its relaxing properties –  and then sew the end of the case closed. You can heat this in the microwave and it not only lends heat the area but also a light weight that may be helpful to get rid of migraines fast without medicine.

Try some massage or pressure points.

Light massage can not only distract your from your pain but it also increases the circulation and relieves tension which can help in getting rid of migraines fast without medicine. Using your finger tips and applying gentle pressure, massage your temples in a slow circular motion. Scalp massages are helpful for some sufferers. Even something as simple as getting into a hot shower and gently massaging your scalp while shampooing your hair can make a difference in the pain level of migraines. Also, applying gentle pressure to the base of the skull can help to alleviate headache pain. Take a rolled up towel and lay it across your bed, then lay the base of your skull across the towel. You may experience some sinus pressure at first but this will pass and hopefully help to decrease the migraine without medicine.

Acupressure is very effective for some migraine sufferers. Try applying pressure to each side of the nose at the top of the bridge. You also can try applying firm pressure to the skin between the thumb and forefinger. If you can, have someone assist you with this technique as it is more effective if both hands are done at the same time. However, if you do not have an assistant, then apply pressure to one hand for approximately 5 minutes and then apply pressure to the opposite hand. One last acupressure technique is to apply pressure to the top of the mouth with your thumb. Insert your thumb into your mouth and apply firm pressure to the roof of the mouth on the side of the head that it hurting. Push up and in the direction of the ear. Hold for two to three minutes and then repeat as needed.

Consider Herbs to prevent Migraine pain.

Feverfew has long been used to prevent migraine headaches, however it does nothing to alleviate the pain once it starts. Be sure to consult with your physician before starting any herbal supplements as they may interfere with other medications you may be taking or increase symptoms of other ailments. Some sufferers swear by ginger for pain relief. Adding a teaspoon of ginger to a glass of hot water seems to decrease the pain level for some sufferers. Not only do they benefit from the ingestion of the ginger but the aroma also helps to soften the pain.

While there is no sure fire way on how to get rid of migraines fast without medicine, there are many techniques that are very successful for some migraine sufferers. As stated before, each sufferer and migraine is different and finding what works best for your particular situation may take time and practice.