How to Get Rid of a Migraine at Home

To know how to get rid of a migraine at home, one must be well acquainted with the condition they are trying to control, know what triggers it, and know what to do about it. Migraines are a neurological configuration that presents itself in the form of a severe and persistent headache with accompanying symptoms of nausea and vomiting or sensitivity to light. It is normally accompanied by throbbing on one side of the head. Migraines are unique in that they preceded by warning signs such as flashes of light, blind spots, tingling in the arms and legs. It can last for hours or even days.


In order for one to know how to get rid of a migraine at home, it is necessary to know what triggers it. Some migraines are triggered by bright light and loud noise. Once you know that this is a trigger for you, and then one can ensure the lights are dimmed out in the evenings, giving your home a feeling of warmth and serenity and calming your mind. If it is during the day, it would be advisable that your home window curtains are drawn closed and keep it as dark as possible.  If the cause of migraines is noise related, then one can ensure that there are low noise levels in the house. This can be particularly challenging if one has small children in the house and in that case, maybe they can be in their own secluded room.  Another challenging aspect of noise is if you are in a noisy neighborhood, it can make it very uncomfortable.  This is why if you suffer from migraines on a regular basis, it is important to consider the location of their homes before renting or buying.


Some migraines are triggered by certain odors or perfumes.  So how to get rid of a migraine at home in your own environment is just to identify which odors or perfume triggers them and just ensure that you don’t have these products in your house. If you get a migraine because of odors or perfumes, the first thing is to move to an area with flowing fresh air to neutralize the effects.


Allergies also cause migraines. So to effectively get rid of a migraine at home you need to stay away from the food that you are allergic to. Either you can go for allergies test at a local hospital or clinic or you can try removing one food product that you suspect you are allergic to until you narrow down to what really causes allergic reactions in you. For example, you could stop dairy products for a month, and then stop wheat products then that way you know the products that trigger allergic reactions resulting in migraines and avoid them. Some particular ingredients to be aware of that trigger migraines is tyramin, monosodium glutamate and nitrates so when shopping for food look for those ingredients’ and avoid the product. Some fruits and snacks also cause migraines like bananas, avocados, chocolates, nuts, onions, and citrus fruits. That is why it is important to try each product one at a time to find out the personal triggers and avoid them.

Sometimes migraines are caused by change of sleep patterns or inadequate sleep. To get rid of migraines at home that are caused by sleep deprivation you need to get enough rest time in a cool and quiet atmosphere.


Smoking and alcohol are also triggers and the only way to avoid getting a migraine from these triggers is to change your lifestyle so that you don’t smoke or indulge in alcohol.  You can also ask people that you live with not to smoke in or around the house that way you will be in control of these triggers.


Skipping meals also do trigger migraines.  One should ensure they eat small meals throughout the day preferably every three hours.  If you just want to rest in, then it is advisable that you keep starchy snacks that you can nibble on around the house.  It is also good to avoid processed and sugary snacks.  So if you get a hunger triggered migraine then the only way to get rid of it at home is to eat some food.


Physical and emotional stresses do cause migraines. Physical stress could be caused by exhaustion and the home remedy is to take adequate rest, you can ask someone to give you a massage for relaxation. Emotional stress is a bit difficult to deal with but one can go for counseling or do something that they love to and that averts the stressful thoughts, one can share what they are going through.  Taking vitamin tablets help better your moods and therefore can control stress triggered migraines.


You need to drink plenty of water for re-hydration to avert headaches as well as taking caffeine to restrict blood vessels and lessen pain is a perfect way to get rid of a migraine at home; as long as caffeine isn’t a trigger for you.


There are some traditional and unproven methods on how to get rid of a migraine at home like tying a headband.  Some people say it works for them and it would be good to give it a try.


Menstrual changes in women also trigger migraines and this can be dealt with by taking magnesium supplements. Other supplements like fish oil are said to work wonders. Others suggest rubbing peppermint oil on the temples of your head. Ginger capsules can help with nausea, which sometimes accompanies migraines.

There are many home therapies and even over the counter medication that you can keep at home, herbal nutritional supplements that can be taken regularly.  However, it is important for one to keep a headache monitor diary so that you can effectively find what triggers the headache, what works for you, and what doesn’t.